Sunday, November 9, 2014

Damn Good Rhythm 

I guess it's no wonder,
I never am myself,
But who could understand,
The mind of someone else? 
I feel only hunger,
My ego wants to feed,
The voices scream in unison,
They tell me what I need.

I need a damn good rhythm,
Give me a damn good rhythm,
I tell ya this is livin',
With no name,
I beg,
I just need you.

I feel like I'm sinking,
I buckle at the knee,
Philosophy makes way,
To pure anatomy,
I reach for the comfort,
It's oh so far away,
What did you think,
That it would be,
So easy to get rid of me? 

You tread so softly on my dreams,
No man nor god can stifle me,
I'll try for I'll die for,
My life's worth nothing if I don't have a beat.


Punk4Evr said...

The synth and feel of the song really reminds me of the 80's with just a voice paired you would not expect for then But I could totally her this coming from the likes of INSOC. Just not the voice!

MK said...

Happy new Year...

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