Friday, November 30, 2012

The Gothic Cruise: Eternal Banishment

As some of you probably know by now, we've just been handed a lifetime ban on the now infamous Gothic Cruise. I recently boasted about the ban on the Aesthetic Perfection Facebook page, but, in the name of diplomacy, I decided to remove it and give a more detailed explanation here on my blog.

The first draft of this post was a bit long winded. It was an overly detailed, garbled mess of "he said, she said". However, I feel compelled to convey to everyone how infuriated we are by the accusations that have been leveled against us. Of the multitude crimes we're being crucified for, I can honestly tell you that we are guilty of just one or two. And of those, they are being grossly exaggerated. We are being used as a scapegoat for all the bad behavior on that boat, and it isn't fair. But even so, more than I am angry, I am saddened, that a large part of our banishment is due to fellow Gothic Cruisers tattling on us, playing telephone with grandiose tales of debauchery, and simply lacking the maturity to tap me or my crew on the shoulder, and politely ask us to behave. Where is the camaraderie? You want to accuse me of lacking maturity, well please tell me, where was yours?

While picturing a bunch of goths in white pancake makeup, sunbathing in knee high New Rock boots is worthy of a snicker or two, fact is, I like the concept A LOT. To me, there's nothing like defying convention and doing something that is so totally absurd that it goes from being totally absurd to being totally awesome. In short, I love the idea of a goth cruise. I enjoyed meeting a lot of new people and sharing a new experience, but I must admit that all of that has been soured. The organizers are impolite, hypocritical liars, they have taken what is a wonderful idea and ruined it. So I welcome the ban, I am happy to never attend one of their events again. Hopefully, one day, a new organizer will come along and take what is a great concept, and make it work. For now, though, I will avoid the current incarnation of the Gothic Cruise like the plague.

Seeya never Gothic Cruise.