Sunday, November 20, 2011

Irish Hospitality

On our walk back to the hotel from the show in Dublin last night, we met a few chaps on the street, who, had perhaps had a bit too much to drink.

The redheaded one comes up to me and says "hey mate, you don't have any hair, do ya!? Have you got cancer?!"

"Yes", I told him "and it's terminal. I don't have long."

"It's ok mate", he replies "I have ginger. It's far worse."

Without missing a beat, his dark haired companion jumps in and says "I've got a joke for you all".

This was his joke:

A woman is in hospital after having just given birth to a baby girl. The doctor comes up to her and says "Well, ma'am, I have good news and bad news for you. Which would you like first?"

"I guess the bad news" the woman replied.

"Your baby girl", says the Doctor, "well... she was born ginger."

Shocked, the woman says "oh, no, that IS terrible news. Well, what's the good news?"

"Well", says the doctor "the good news is, she died about 3 minutes after you gave birth to her."

And that was that, we were on our way, scratching our heads as to what had just happened.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Word (or Two) on Hate

The last 24 hours have been pretty funny. I've received a lot of FB comments / messages, emails and Twitter responses regarding my reposting of all the hate I've been getting about "All Beauty Destroyed". Most are asking "why". Lot's of you have been coming to my defense, praising the album and saying that it's great. To those of you, thanks! I'm always excited to hear people enjoy what I do. To those that hate the album, thanks! I'm glad it makes some of you reel in disgust or feel repulsed. I did something right, I guess. To answer the question, the reason I'm spreading the hate the way I am is because I think it's funny. It's amusing that people actually feel compelled to personally share their negative opinions with me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and it's totally normal to express those opinions on blogs, web zines or forums or whatever. That's what those things are for. What befuddles me are people who think that the classy thing to do is to fling those negative opinions directly at me. Would you walk into a restaurant you don't particularly like, walk up to the chef and proclaim "you suck!!!"? Probably not, that's pretty tactless and, in my opinion, shows a complete lack of social etiquette. Going out of your way to personally insult someone simply because you don't like their work is malicious and... well, lame. I don't care if you don't like my record. I didn't write it for you, I wrote it for me. I spent 3 years making it, it's important to me, and I wouldn't change it for any amount of your praise. I'm sharing your hate because I enjoy showing everyone what an asshole you are.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Daily Hate

"Mr Daniel Graves. You abandoned Necessary Response in order to focus on your cash crop project that you don't actually care about (Aesthetic Perfection). This means you aren't allowed to insult the true artistry of Necessary Response by adding hints of it into your new Aesthetic Perfection album... which was beyond awful. Please stop. Just stop."

- Michael May

"All Beauty Destroyed is your weakest album in your career."

- Steve Bollocks

"I... I can't believe I'm rating something without actually having it but the public needs to know; this is horrid. In a year with many big name releases this should have been something to look forward to, another harsh lesson ala A Violent Emotion or the strange beauty of Close To Human. Instead the listener is assaulted with the Daniel Graves new vocal direction, one that bares far to much resemblance to The Gothsicles to do anyone good. No attempt is made to hide the simple 4/4 beats, the plain and minimally used synth lines; the album screams complacency, laziness, a cop out, a sell out, pick your preferred comparison because I could go on for awhile. The redeeming factors include the cover art, and the fact that the simple melodies are something you can hum along with before you shoot yourself."

- Acanthus

"More like "All Music Credibility Destroyed" amirite? If I wanted to listen to simple club beats and melodies with sleazy and scornful lyrics, there are certainly better artists to choose from but this is essentially what All Beauty Destroyed is. What's worse is the addition of clean vocals to a few of the songs. Now, I do love clean vocals in EBM but when it comes to Aesthetic Perfection it just shouldn't belong. Gone is the raw production and emotion you heard on Close To Human, because All Beauty Destroyed is just jam-packed with slick club anthems and nothing more. Hell, the harsh vocals are terrible on this too. It sounds as though Daniel Graves had a sore throat when he recorded all the harsh vocals on this."

-Ali Ladhani

I think I enjoy the bad reviews more than the good ones.