Monday, February 21, 2011


I have been meaning to update this more regularly, but I've had tunnel vision recently. It seems can't find the proper combination of nouns, adjectives and verbs to adequately describe the experience of finishing this record. It takes energy and focus to string together those words and make sentences that are useful to those who read them. And obviously, all my energy and focus have been tied up in finishing an album. Either way, I am attempting to do so now so everyone has a bit of insight into what's going on.

Plainly put, I had driven myself to the edge of insanity. The 14 hour work days, lack of sleep and nonexistent downtime really began to wear me down. It seemed utterly hopeless. I screamed at myself, I fantasized about taking a sledgehammer to my computer and catching the next plane to someplace warm and forgetting all about music. But then the dust settled. It seems my little meltdown was quite therapeutic, because it made me step back and realize why this had become so impossible. I had lost sight of the very basic reason for wanting to make a record in the first place. Because I love it. Because it makes me happy. Because it's fucking fun.

As I sit here and type this I feel like a complete fool for letting myself get so caught up in bullshit that, at the end of the day, is meaningless. Deadlines, schedules... why should I really care? I'm a musician. The only thing I care about is music. Seems now my desperation has turned to resolve. I don't NEED to finish, I WANT to finish. The end is near, I am so close I can taste it. And it will be grand.

I believe the moral of this story is "do it and don't be a whiny cunt".

With that said, here are the finalized tourdates with venue information for the upcoming US tour.

04.22.11 Los Angeles, CA @ Das Bunker (at The Catch One) *
04.23.11 Phoenix, AZ @ Joe's Grotto
04.25.11 San Antonio, TX @ Korova
04.26.11 Austin, TX @ Elysium
04.27.11 Dallas, TX @ Curtain Club
04.28.11 Baton Rouge, LA @ L-Bar
04.29.11 Atlanta, GA @ Das Bunker (at Shelter)
04.30.11 Cincinatti, OH @ The Mockbee
05.01.11 Pittsburgh, PA @ 31st Street Pub
05.02.11 Columbus, OH @ Skully's Diner
05.03.11 Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall
05.04.11 Richmond, VA @ Fallout
05.05.11 Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
05.06.11 New York, NY @ Rebel
05.07.11 Philadelphia, PA @ I Love Industrial (at The Starlight Ballroom)