Thursday, December 15, 2011

7 Deadly Questions

Why can't more interviews include strange and unique questions like this? I mean, it's so much more fun and forces you to avoid "standard" answers. You can read it online here: Auxiliary Magazine

Monday, December 5, 2011

Aesthetic Perfection needs YOU!

Want to help us promote our concerts in your area? Want to work closely with the band to help spread the word about Aesthetic Perfection? Sign up for the street team! We're looking for creative, highly motivated fans to help us out. In exchange we'll give you cool perks like discounted tickets to concerts, access to exclusive contests, signed swag, whatever cool things we can come up with. Starting today, Tim Van Horn will be running the Official Aesthetic Perfection Street Team! Simply send an email to with your full name and address.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Irish Hospitality

On our walk back to the hotel from the show in Dublin last night, we met a few chaps on the street, who, had perhaps had a bit too much to drink.

The redheaded one comes up to me and says "hey mate, you don't have any hair, do ya!? Have you got cancer?!"

"Yes", I told him "and it's terminal. I don't have long."

"It's ok mate", he replies "I have ginger. It's far worse."

Without missing a beat, his dark haired companion jumps in and says "I've got a joke for you all".

This was his joke:

A woman is in hospital after having just given birth to a baby girl. The doctor comes up to her and says "Well, ma'am, I have good news and bad news for you. Which would you like first?"

"I guess the bad news" the woman replied.

"Your baby girl", says the Doctor, "well... she was born ginger."

Shocked, the woman says "oh, no, that IS terrible news. Well, what's the good news?"

"Well", says the doctor "the good news is, she died about 3 minutes after you gave birth to her."

And that was that, we were on our way, scratching our heads as to what had just happened.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Word (or Two) on Hate

The last 24 hours have been pretty funny. I've received a lot of FB comments / messages, emails and Twitter responses regarding my reposting of all the hate I've been getting about "All Beauty Destroyed". Most are asking "why". Lot's of you have been coming to my defense, praising the album and saying that it's great. To those of you, thanks! I'm always excited to hear people enjoy what I do. To those that hate the album, thanks! I'm glad it makes some of you reel in disgust or feel repulsed. I did something right, I guess. To answer the question, the reason I'm spreading the hate the way I am is because I think it's funny. It's amusing that people actually feel compelled to personally share their negative opinions with me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and it's totally normal to express those opinions on blogs, web zines or forums or whatever. That's what those things are for. What befuddles me are people who think that the classy thing to do is to fling those negative opinions directly at me. Would you walk into a restaurant you don't particularly like, walk up to the chef and proclaim "you suck!!!"? Probably not, that's pretty tactless and, in my opinion, shows a complete lack of social etiquette. Going out of your way to personally insult someone simply because you don't like their work is malicious and... well, lame. I don't care if you don't like my record. I didn't write it for you, I wrote it for me. I spent 3 years making it, it's important to me, and I wouldn't change it for any amount of your praise. I'm sharing your hate because I enjoy showing everyone what an asshole you are.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Daily Hate

"Mr Daniel Graves. You abandoned Necessary Response in order to focus on your cash crop project that you don't actually care about (Aesthetic Perfection). This means you aren't allowed to insult the true artistry of Necessary Response by adding hints of it into your new Aesthetic Perfection album... which was beyond awful. Please stop. Just stop."

- Michael May

"All Beauty Destroyed is your weakest album in your career."

- Steve Bollocks

"I... I can't believe I'm rating something without actually having it but the public needs to know; this is horrid. In a year with many big name releases this should have been something to look forward to, another harsh lesson ala A Violent Emotion or the strange beauty of Close To Human. Instead the listener is assaulted with the Daniel Graves new vocal direction, one that bares far to much resemblance to The Gothsicles to do anyone good. No attempt is made to hide the simple 4/4 beats, the plain and minimally used synth lines; the album screams complacency, laziness, a cop out, a sell out, pick your preferred comparison because I could go on for awhile. The redeeming factors include the cover art, and the fact that the simple melodies are something you can hum along with before you shoot yourself."

- Acanthus

"More like "All Music Credibility Destroyed" amirite? If I wanted to listen to simple club beats and melodies with sleazy and scornful lyrics, there are certainly better artists to choose from but this is essentially what All Beauty Destroyed is. What's worse is the addition of clean vocals to a few of the songs. Now, I do love clean vocals in EBM but when it comes to Aesthetic Perfection it just shouldn't belong. Gone is the raw production and emotion you heard on Close To Human, because All Beauty Destroyed is just jam-packed with slick club anthems and nothing more. Hell, the harsh vocals are terrible on this too. It sounds as though Daniel Graves had a sore throat when he recorded all the harsh vocals on this."

-Ali Ladhani

I think I enjoy the bad reviews more than the good ones.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh, Mother Russia!

Really loving the "artwork" included in the Russian pirate download of the new single.

I ♥ Russia, but there's no denying they pirate shit. I just like how they literally add insult to injury. Pirate my music AND insult me at the same time! I kinda respect their lack of giving a fuck.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Inhuman Single

Seems all you crazy kids these days are using YouTube to hear new music. So I've gone ahead and put every track from the single up for your listening pleasure. Listen, enjoy, share!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Caustic Remix

Did a remix for Caustic. And here it is. Available via Metropolis Records on Nov. 11.


Just returned from a short, 48 hr trip to Berlin. 24 of those hours were spent shooting the music video for the new single "Inhuman". Our location was a dilapidated rehabilitation clinic outside the city limits in an area called "Oranienburg". It was a very small crew. The director, Max, two assistants, Kordulla the makeup artist, Alexandra our model, me and my best friend, Vodka. I was pretty much the only person drinking, but I think I did a pretty good job at it. We all smoked countless cigarettes, fought the cold and mosquitoes and gave everything we had. I really appreciated the fact that everyone's main interest was creating something cool. I'm confident we have something great, looking forward to getting the video back in a couple weeks.

I'm not much for documenting my adventures. I didn't take a lot of pictures, in fact, this time I only took 3.

Descending into Berlin, Tegal airport.

My Combichrist impression. (It's actually 3 am in my hotel room and I'm trying unsuccessfully to remove this disgusting body paint.)

A lovely ad from the in flight magazine on my trip home. I tried to take a clear shot but the turbulence was REALLY bad. Anyway, roughly translated, this is an ad for a pet groomer who's decided to call his practice "Pussy Service". Until I read the fine print, I thought maybe he was a gynecologist or a gigolo.

So it's a wrap. Thanks to Golo, Max, Alex, Kordulla, vodka and everyone who worked so hard to make this video happen. WICKED, MAN!!!

- Posted via iPhone

Thursday, September 29, 2011

All Boxsets Destroyed

We've got this awesome, super limited box set now available for pre-order in the "merch" section of The box is strictly limited to 200 pieces, so when it's gone, it's gone.

The Deluxe Box Set Contains:
1 "All Beauty Destroyed" Limited 2CD Version
1 Exclusive 7" "Inhuman" single
1 "All Beauty Destroyed" T-Shirt
1 Poster
4 Unique Drink Coasters
1 Sticker

Comes in a hand stamped box signed by yours truly!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Physical edition of our new single "Inhuman" to be released exclusively by Out of Line Records on Oct. 20. It's got some remixes (Combichrist, Panic Lift, iVardensphre, Whiteqube), it's got a b-side that won't be released anywhere else, plus it's limited and hand numbered. It's cheap, too.

More into here: Out of Line Shop: Aesthetic Perfection - Inhuman (Single)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ask Daniel Graves

So I asked everyone on Facebook to send me whatever questions they might have and I would answer the best ones via YouTube. Here it is. Kind of new to the whole iMovie thing but it was actually pretty intuitive. Will have to vlog more often. As a little album teaser I included clips of every track off the new record as part of the soundtrack.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vacations Suck

Not really. But being away from my work computer and having no internet access can actually be counter productive and raise your stress levels, especially when there's work to be done. Nevertheless, I have always loved Croatia. The people, the food, the beaches, it's one of my favorite countries. Here's some of the cool shit I did during my 7 days on the island of Krk.

I enjoyed the streets of Krk.

I visited a lackluster church.

Took a picture of my shadow.

Ate some awesome (apparently sideways) civapcici.

Bought groceries at the "Ultra Gross" supermarket.

How could I not buy a bottle of my beloved slivo?

All good things must come to an end. On the drive home, the outside air temperature dropped from 35°C (95°F) to 9.5°C (49°F) in about an hours time. Clearly, I have returned to Austria.

I did other cool shit like snorkel but I didn't take any pictures because I heard that bringing an iPhone into the ocean can break it.

- Posted via iPhone

Friday, August 12, 2011


New album drops on the 8th of November in the US on Metropolis Records and Nov 4 in Europe on Out of Line. We're gonna announce a cool limited box set soon. Details coming shortly. In the meantime, if you just want the album or the album + bonus disc, Metropolis is taking pre-orders right now.

Pre-order, album cover and tracklist can all be found at Metropolis Mail Order.

More to follow!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

tech // shit

I hate talking tech, really. It's so mind numbing. Who knows? Maybe today that's what I need.

"List 5 Plug-Ins You Can't Live Without"

1 - Logic ES2.

This is such an overlooked synth. People assume that because it's included with Logic Pro that it lacks any real power. Seriously. I have used this more than my Access Virus. In fact, my Access Virus sat in a corner collecting dust throughout the whole process of writing "All Beauty Destroyed". 70% of everything you'll hear on this record is ES2. Intuitive design, monster sounds, very versatile beast indeed.

2 - Analog Filter Box (Reaktor 5 Ensemble)

If ES2 is the beast, this is its roar. Lots of soft synths have a characteristic in their overall sound I dislike. This very artificial digital sound that gets on my nerves more than I can say. Most of the time I just throw an instance of this on a channel to help "fix" that digital sound and make it sound more analog. The real joy of this plug-in lies in the distortion and filter sections. The digital distortion is a godsend when trying to create a massive, distorted wall of sound. Sometimes, though, it can be like trying to lasso a pissed off bull, one dial turned one notch in the wrong direction can ruin everything. But once you hit the sweet spot, it's just unmatched in my opinion.

3 - DFX Buffer Override

I love spastic effects. I use them sparingly in order to make their impact more... impacting. But this is an indispensable tool when trying to get a jittery, stuttered effect. For songs like "One and Only" I used buffer override on the synth solo and automated the cycles per beat and buffer size in opposite directions along with some improvised pitch bend action. It was essential in creating the effect that opens the track "Under Your Skin" (because that song is acapella, I had to get creative with plug ins and create unique effects with nothing but my vocal recordings).

4 - Logic Compressor

Clearly I'm not a total gear nut. I've got other compressors, but I just keep coming back to this one. Maybe it's how easy it is to get that pumping side chain effect with it, maybe it's cuz I don't know anything better. Doesn't matter. This was an essential part of creating the last record. Literally every single song uses this.

5 - Native Instrument's Massive

I can't say enough good things about this. I bought it on a whim halfway through writing "All Beauty Detroyed". I wasn't really interested in learning a new synth, (I hate technical stuff. Have I mentioned that yet?), but for $100, why not? Right out of the box I realized that this was a seriously impressive synth that was desperately needed in my setup. The very digital, crystalline sound complimented the overly fat analog sound of the ES2. I'd venture a guess and say that 28% of the new album is Massive. The remaining 2%... well that's just a fucking secret.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011


As always, I've neglected my poor blog. The more I think about it the more I think I should quit all the social networking bullshit and just keep this and twitter. I pretty much only use my Facebook to post random bullshit about things that annoy or interest me... I should probably just use this as my soapbox. Fuck FB and MySpace and Google+ or whatever.

Anyway, I know people are really anxious for news about "All Beauty Destroyed" and all I can say is "it's done, we're working on it." Lots of new developments in the last few weeks, as soon as they're set in stone we will announce a whole mess of cool shit. Just keep in mind that everyone here is really excited about this record and what the future holds for AP. Even more I've just thrown myself immediately into writing new material. Not totally sure on what it will manifest into as yet but it's a lot of fun. Doing tons of remixes for a lot of great artists and just keeping myself busy and stressed out as usual.

More to come!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

All Beauty Destroyed // UK Tour

I literally JUST got home from Kinetik and my e-mail is flooded with business related bullshit that I simply do not want to take care of. I'd rather drink wine, make music and relax just a little bit. But no rest for the wicked, I guess.

I know people are anxious for news about a release date for "All Beauty Destroyed". Trust me, no one wants this album out more than I do. My good friend Krischan Wesenberg (Rotersand/Straftanz) is hard at work on the mixing and mastering while all the powers at be are doing what they do best and making marketing decisions and bla bla bla. As soon as I know, I'll share it with the rest of the world.

What I can assure everyone of is that it will be released long before this:

That's right, we are embarking on our first headlining tour of the UK this Winter. Just consider the upcoming UK tour with Combichrist and Mortiis to be a preview of what we plan to bring with us in November. We've got more awesome announcements coming up soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Here's a current list of all AP related awesomeness coming up!

06.03.11 Daniel Graves DJ Set @ Krudtt√łnden – Copenhagen, DK
06.17.11 Daniel Graves DJ Set @ Overdose – Salzburg, AT

Supporting Combichrist’s “Monsters on Tour” UK Leg

06.28.11 Talking Heads – Southampton, UK
06.29.11 The Assembly – Leamington Spa, UK
06.30.11 Academy – Manchester, UK
07.01.11 The Classic Grand – Glasgow, UK
07.02.11 Rock City – Nottingham, UK
07.03.11 Koko – London, UK

“All Beauty Destroyed” UK Tour

11.23.11 The Classic Grand – Glasgow, UK
11.24.11 Tunnels – Bristol, UK
11.25.11 Moho – Manchester, UK
11.26.11 Elektrowerkz – London, UK
11.27.11 Talking Heads – Southampton, UK

09.24.11 Daniel Graves DJ Set @ Kultkeller – Duisburg, DE

Monday, May 16, 2011


I like this interview for some reason, so I thought I'd put it here, as well. The story and original can be found here: The Goth Times.

Hi there! To those people who don’t know you can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Daniel Graves, I'm a 28 year old from Hollywood living in Europe. Though, in my opinion, who I am is pretty irrelevant to what I do. Artists make art, but we're all just human beings.

How did Aesthetic Perfection originate?

I started it, actually, as a side project to another band I had at the time. I was really frustrated because I'd spent 5 years working on songs and never finished anything. I concocted AP and wrote a couple of songs over the course of a couple days. I threw it on the internet on a whim and people seemed to like it, and I ran with it. So I guess you could say it started out as something that wasn't taken very seriously, and evolved into something more that completely dominates every aspect of my life.

What do you aim to convey, through your music, to fans and other listeners?

I've never wanted anything more than to express raw emotion. No matter what emotion it is, I just wanted to write something pure and universal. No political or social commentary, no religious bullshit, just something human, that anyone, anywhere can relate to.

You had another project “Necessary Response” that you are putting to bed can you explain why that is?

It was counter productive to the goal of Aesthetic Perfection. It put limits on the music I was making, suggesting one song be filed as AP and another as NR, instead of allowing everything I do to be part of one big cohesive piece of work. Aesthetic Perfection is the only name I write music under right now and I want everything I write to be a part of that, regardless of how aggressive or vulnerable it may be.

Your new album “All Beauty Destroyed” is finished and due for release, can you tell us a bit about it?

My personal life has been pretty stable the last few years. When I sat down and considered what I should be writing about, there was this moment of panic when I realized I had no new experiences to draw from. "Holy shit, my life is pretty good. What the hell am I gonna sing about!?" I decided to turn the mirror inward and look at myself and analyze who I am and why I do what I do, think what I think, etc… I ended up with something much darker and more sinister than I had expected. I was surprised and scared by what I found when I wrote this record. Hopefully some of that mess is sorted out now...

How do you feel this album differs from “A Violent Emotion” and “Close to Human”?

In terms of sound it's a lot more dynamic. There are a lot of peaks and valleys. There are 12 full songs, no instrumentals, which is the most I've ever produced before. It was really an effort to make this record. Very cathartic, there was this massive weight that came off my shoulders when I sent the last song off for mixing. It was like I could breathe again. I'd had similar feelings with the last records, but it was different with this one.

The tone of your work so far has been very dark and aggressive. What kind of things do you draw inspiration from when writing new material?

Like I said I just try to take it down to the most basic emotions. Things that I feel and experience every day. In fact, most of the time I don't even write with a specific goal. Most of the lyrics are written in a stream of conscious style and half the time I don't understand the song until it's done. It's all about just throwing everything out of your subconscious and seeing what you find. When the song is done I'll look back, read the lyrics and think "whoa, that's fucked."

You are also releasing a limited edition "Devil's in the Details" single/EP on your upcoming tour, why have you chosen to release it in this way?

We wanted to share something with the people who come to our shows. Something personal, something that wouldn't be readily available anywhere else. Tim and I packaged them ourselves, our manager stamped the ink to the front of the envelope himself. The whole package is just meant to be small and intimate. In the end we're all about DIY and unique approaches to all aspects of what we do.

With downloading and sharing of music so readily available these days is it becoming harder as a creative artist to “up your game” in order to make a living?

I don't know the record industry the way it used to be, I'm too young. I'm just trying to survive in the industry the way I've always known it, the way I grew up. Napster was something that came out just as I was in my mid teens. It was how I got new music. I understand the culture and the reasoning. I don't advocate it, well, particularly because I don't advocate anything, but I get it. In terms of my business strategy, I'm a workaholic and constantly try to think of new ways to put myself out there.

You are on tour with the mighty Combichrist again, you seem to be good friends, what are they like to tour with?

The Combi guys, the band and crew, they're just friends to us now. It's like hanging out with your buddies. It's like a house party on wheels!

Who would you say has the worst habits on tour between you and Combichrist?

It's a toss up. We drink hard but they have their own vices. ;)

You're coming back to the UK, how do you find playing to a UK audience compared to the rest of the world?

I think the UK crowd just keeps getting better and better for us. We've done a couple tours out there and each time feels like the people are warming up to us more. Not that we didn't feel welcome before, it just means we're really excited for this upcoming tour… we think it's going to go off.

You do a lot of remixes of other artists work, such as Hocico, Iamx and even Lady Gaga, first of all why did you choose Lady Gaga? (I’ve no problem with it) And if you could remix any other song by any other artist, what or who would they be?

Remixes are just a way to break the monotony and tunnel vision of writing a record. I particularly like doing remixes that are outside of my comfort zone. I've done lots of scene remixes and while every one is different, I prefer doing something that makes me scratch my head and think "what the hell am I supposed to do with this?" IAMX and the Gaga remixes were particularly fun because I really had to think about where to take them. So I'm up to do anything that pushes my creative boundaries.

You spin a lot on the DJ circuit too how does that compare to writing and touring in AP?

I like DJ'ing because it's just "show up, get drunk, play music, have fun, go home." It's not work, it's a party. It's extremely relaxed compared to a live show where everyone is running around like chickens with their heads chopped off. A live show has so much that goes into making it happen, doing DJ gigs is a welcome, and relaxing change.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to break into the music scene?

Have thick skin. Know what you want. Never give up.

Finally what else is on the cards for AP regarding the rest of 2011?

New album. More tours. Work work work!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Bitter Years // Lyrics

A couple pieces of worthless trash,
Trace fingers,
Forgotten melodies,
Too surreal,
To be the end,
The wise have said "divide and conquer",
Two always seemed much better to me,
I guess I'm doomed to be a number.

Let the hate out,
And you will see,
That you have lost your humanity,
Set aside those,
Long bitter years,
Can't rise above what,
Just draws you near.

My future is built upon the sand,
Foundations that cannot stand alone,
Apologies that go unsaid,
Sing a tune,
Just mumble the words,
Sometimes you've gotta see some action,
It seems the day's my only friend.

Let the hate out,
And you will see,
That you have lost your humanity,
Set aside those,
Long bitter years,
Can't rise above what,
Just draws you near.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Go hard!

I've just woken up from the 12 hour coma that I slipped into after returning to LA this morning. I must say this tour was easily the most intense, sleep deprived and alcohol fueled adventure I have ever been on. I wasn't sure what to expect from my first ever headlining tour, and I'm still trying to process it all right now.

From selling out Das Bunker to nearly 900 fans to playing to 15 people at a bar in Baton Rouge, to the van breaking down at the last 90 miles of a 4000 mile journey, from posh hotel after parties to snorting lines of weed at an illegal fetish club, nothing was as expected, and I guess it's meant to be that way. Thanks to everyone who picked us up when we fell down, thanks to everyone who screamed the words when the PA dropped, thanks to everyone that raised their glass to ours and thanks to everyone who went HARD!

I'll drop back into another 12 hour coma right now and try and piece together the rest of what happened. I'll leave you all with my new favorite piece of fan art.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Well shit, it's been a crazy few weeks, and we haven't even started the tour yet! 3 trans-Atlantic flights in a 2 1/2 week period, an alcohol fueled boat ride through the frigid waters of Scandinavia, an awesome show at Das Boot in Sweden, and tonight, the kickoff show of our first headlining tour at Das Bunker in LA with our pals Faderhead.

I've spent night and day with Tim and Tom getting everything ready. Packing, planning, programming, playing and of course... drinking. We're terrified and excited at the same time, it's kind of cool, actually. I love how fear motivates you to stretch yourself to the limit and we're well beyond ours. Fabulous. No sarcasm intended.

Now. For those of you coming out to our little tour we have a special treat. The brand spanking new Devil's in the Details Single that we're selling exclusively on tour. Here's the self absorbed blurb that's intended you make you buy it. (Please buy it, we're greedy).

"Starting today, get your hands on the limited edition Devil's in the Details EP / Single! Comes in hand made packaging, assembled and numbered by the band and sealed with a wax stamp bearing the knife logo. Features a B - Side not included on the upcoming album and remixes by Straftanz, SITD, Modulate, Pull out Kings and more. Limited to 500 copies and will be sold exclusively at Aesthetic Perfection concerts!"

Oh, and do enjoy this little montage of the insanity that was the Das Boot festival.

I'm on a Boat

See you on the road!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Theft and Artistry

Someone on the Aesthetic Perfection Facebook page asked me how I came up with a certain melody in a certain song. Kind of half seriously I told him the way to come up with ideas was to rip off your influences, but to do it in your own way. Obviously he asked me which song and from which band, and naturally, I was cryptic and didn't give him an honest answer. His response provoked a raised eyebrow or two from me:

"My guess would be combichrist, as you seem to be a big fan of there's. Sound's a bit like Nine Inch Nails too, though they're not aggrotech."

Really? That's all that's expected of me? To draw influences from within the genre of music I make? Regardless of how much I like either band, from my perspective it's quite ungentlemanly to plagiarize one's contemporaries. And it would seem that anyone who wants to find their own identity in their music would want to set themselves apart from everyone else.

Let's be honest. All artists are thieves. They draw inspiration from something that existed before, but the good ones do it in a way that no one notices. The key is to make it as unrecognizable as possible, and put your stamp on it, your personality, make it your own. I think it's a lot like eating a huge dinner and after letting it digest for a while, bringing it all back up to have a look and what you find. Some of it will be recognizable. A carrot, a pea, whatever, but in general it's just a chaotic mess, a mixture that has probably never existed before, and never will exist again.

So there's the answer: I write music by puking up my half digested influences and avoiding those of my friends and contemporaries.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Album / UK Tour

Keeping in with tradition it would seem I STILL don't update this enough. Fuck it. I will someday. So, New album is done. Out for mixing and mastering. Release info in the next few weeks. In the meantime we've got a super special limited edition "Devil's in the Details" single/EP thing we're going to be selling on the upcoming US tour. It's got handmade packaging and an unreleased song and some remixes. We're excited.

And our boys in Combichrist are taking us out yet again, this time we're headed to the UK and Mortiis, too. We're excited!

Here are all the upcoming live dates!

04.16.11 Das Boot Festival – Stockholm, SE

US Tour 2011 (with Faderhead & Everything Goes Cold)

04.22.11 Los Angeles, CA @ Das Bunker (at The Catch One)*
04.23.11 Phoenix, AZ @ Joe’s Grotto
04.25.11 San Antonio, TX @ Korova
04.26.11 Austin, TX @ Elysium
04.27.11 Dallas, TX @ Curtain Club
04.28.11 Baton Rouge, LA @ L-Bar
04.29.11 Atlanta, GA @ Das Bunker (at Shelter)
04.30.11 Cincinnati, OH @ Quorum (at The 20th Century Theater)
05.01.11 Pittsburgh, PA @ 31st Street Pub
05.02.11 Columbus, OH @ Skully’s Diner
05.03.11 Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall
05.04.11 Richmond, VA @ Fallout
05.05.11 Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
05.06.11 New York, NY @ Cybertron (at Rebel)
05.07.11 Philadelphia, PA @ I Love Industrial (at The Starlight Ballroom)
* Aesthetic Perfection & Faderhead only

05.19.11 Kinetik Festival – Montreal, CA

06.28.11 Talking Heads – Southampton, UK
06.29.11 The Assembly – Leamington Spa, UK
06.30.11 Academy – Manchester, UK
07.01.11 The Classic Grand – Glasgow, UK
07.02.11 Rock City – Nottingham, UK
07.03.11 Koko – London, UK

09.24.11 Daniel Graves DJ Set @ Kultkeller – Duisburg, DE

Monday, February 21, 2011


I have been meaning to update this more regularly, but I've had tunnel vision recently. It seems can't find the proper combination of nouns, adjectives and verbs to adequately describe the experience of finishing this record. It takes energy and focus to string together those words and make sentences that are useful to those who read them. And obviously, all my energy and focus have been tied up in finishing an album. Either way, I am attempting to do so now so everyone has a bit of insight into what's going on.

Plainly put, I had driven myself to the edge of insanity. The 14 hour work days, lack of sleep and nonexistent downtime really began to wear me down. It seemed utterly hopeless. I screamed at myself, I fantasized about taking a sledgehammer to my computer and catching the next plane to someplace warm and forgetting all about music. But then the dust settled. It seems my little meltdown was quite therapeutic, because it made me step back and realize why this had become so impossible. I had lost sight of the very basic reason for wanting to make a record in the first place. Because I love it. Because it makes me happy. Because it's fucking fun.

As I sit here and type this I feel like a complete fool for letting myself get so caught up in bullshit that, at the end of the day, is meaningless. Deadlines, schedules... why should I really care? I'm a musician. The only thing I care about is music. Seems now my desperation has turned to resolve. I don't NEED to finish, I WANT to finish. The end is near, I am so close I can taste it. And it will be grand.

I believe the moral of this story is "do it and don't be a whiny cunt".

With that said, here are the finalized tourdates with venue information for the upcoming US tour.

04.22.11 Los Angeles, CA @ Das Bunker (at The Catch One) *
04.23.11 Phoenix, AZ @ Joe's Grotto
04.25.11 San Antonio, TX @ Korova
04.26.11 Austin, TX @ Elysium
04.27.11 Dallas, TX @ Curtain Club
04.28.11 Baton Rouge, LA @ L-Bar
04.29.11 Atlanta, GA @ Das Bunker (at Shelter)
04.30.11 Cincinatti, OH @ The Mockbee
05.01.11 Pittsburgh, PA @ 31st Street Pub
05.02.11 Columbus, OH @ Skully's Diner
05.03.11 Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall
05.04.11 Richmond, VA @ Fallout
05.05.11 Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
05.06.11 New York, NY @ Rebel
05.07.11 Philadelphia, PA @ I Love Industrial (at The Starlight Ballroom)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

US Tour

We are very happy to announce that our first ever headlining tour of North America will begin on April 22 in Los Angeles. Coming along for the ride will be our good friends Faderhead, who will support us for the entire tour. Plus special guests Everything Goes Cold. See you on the road!

04.22.11 Los Angeles, CA
04.23.11 Phoenix, AZ
04.25.11 San Antonio, TX
04.26.11 Austin, TX
04.27.11 Dallas, TX
04.28.11 New Orleans, LA
04.29.11 Atlanta, GA
04.30.11 Cincinatti, OH
05.01.11 Pittsburgh, PA
05.02.11 Columbus, OH
05.03.11 Rochester, NY
05.05.11 Washington, DC
05.06.11 New York, NY
05.07.11 Philadelphia, PA